Predict the pathogenicity and impacted molecular mechanisms of frameshifting and stop gain variants

MutPred-LOF is a standalone and web application developed to classify human frameshifting and stop gain variants as pathogenic or benign. In addition, it predicts their impact on over 50 different protein properties and, thus, enables the inference of molecular mechanisms of pathogenicity.

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MutPred-LOF web server

The web server can be used for small-scale data sets (at most 100 variants, with no input sequence of length > 35,000 residues). The webserver requires each FASTA format input, wherein each mutation is represented by wildtype and mutant protein sequences, as well as a valid email address.

Download standalone

The standalone executable can be used for genome-scale data sets. As input, the MutPredLOF software requires the output file from ANNOVAR's program. To install and run MutPredLOF, you will need about 16 GB of hard disk space and about 8 GB RAM. Click on the link below to download.

Before downloading: please read the MutPredLOF license agreement.

For Linux (64-bit)